Friday, April 21, 2017

April Member Interview: Susan Long

This Month's interviewee is Susan Long! I emailed her a set of questions to tell us more about herself and she emailed me back this beautifully written introduction of herself. Enjoy!


Hello! My name is Susan Long. I have been quilting about 3 years, however I began sewing about age 10. I used to sew all my clothes including my wedding dress and that of my sister. My first real job was working in a small fabric shop. I’m an arts and crafty girl: knitting, crochet, acrylic painting, beading, photography, and anything else that peaks my interest. I recently retired from a 35 year career as a sonographer (ultrasound). I loved my work, but I longed to see our country. During the last year my husband and I have visited many national parks and monuments, where we like to day hike. I hope to see all 59 national parks!

I joined TVMQG during its very first meeting last year. I was excited to network with other modern sewers, meet new friends, and do charity work through sewing. This second year of the guild I am serving as the keeper of the charity blocks. I am very much enjoying making charity blocks that will go out into the world to comfort others.



Instagram is the only social media I participate in. My handle is @callmesusan. Please do follow me if you would like. I get a lot of inspiration from the people I follow. Sometimes, however, I feel overwhelmed by the amazing work I see others doing. I have to remind myself to stay MY course and do what I do, with the skills I have. As you can see from my picture, color sparks joy in me!


My favorite quilt projects have all been improv. I enjoy completing my quilts by quilting them myself. Sometimes I do straight lines, and often I go free range and do improve quilting, too. I often allow my quilts come to life organically. I don’t get as much pleasure from patterns that require precise measuring and piecing.



And, I love working with scraps!

I am not a fan girl. However, I admire the works of (Instagram handles) @entropyalwayswins, @messygoat, @persimmondreams, @cindygrisdelaquilts, @spontaneousthreads, @astrangerview, @slostudio, to name a few. I don’t get starstruck by anyone. (Although I did have a mad girl-crush on Shakira back in the early 2000s when I listened to her music while I was studying Spanish at university.) Along the same vein, I don’t obsess about fabric lines. I simply like almost all of them! Two blogs I like are Posie Gets Cozy and Cozy Things.

I have not entered a quilt into contest. I don’t know if I ever will. I do art for my pleasure. With most projects, whatever the medium, I love the process of making and often give the pieces away.  Or keep them ;)
In my tiny house I have been sewing in the livingroom and have my sewing strewn all over the place. My design wall is 8x8 feet and is on the wall in our entryway. I love it!


This past weekend my daughter moved out, so I commandeered her room as my new sewing space. Still, I don’t want to be tucked away all the time, so I’ll probably continue to piece and sew garments in the living room. I love my huge TV!


Below is a photo of my brand spanking new crafting room.


I like modern quilting because of the colorful and free nature of it. I would like to see our guild to continue support and celebrate the work of all members. I am interested in workshops/demos in which I can learn new skills. I enjoy the sharing of ideas between members, because I learn so many great tips. I hope that one day soon we will be ready to plan a weekend retreat. That sounds like a lot of fun.

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