Thursday, November 17, 2016

How about Blogging?!

Blogging and Modern Quilting really do go together.  The founders of our Modern Quilt Guild met online, thru their blogs before they met in real life.

How to Create a Blog using Blogger

Sign into Blogger at, if you have a Google account, use that information. If you’re new to Google, create an account.  In the top left, click “New Blog”.

1. Enter a name for your blog. The name of your blog does not need to match your blog address. The name of our guild blog is Temecula Valley Modern Quilt Guild and the blog address is; by using, it’s free. One of my blogs is Janice Elaine Sews, but the blog address is, by using .com, I pay for a domain name, $10.00 a year.

2. Choose a blog address, or URL. This will be used by readers to view your blog. The best blog addresses are easy to remember. Blogger will check during this step to make sure no one else is using that address. If it’s not available, go to Plan B!

3. Choose a template. Don’t over think this step. You can change the template as many times as you want, whenever you want.

4. Click Create blog. Now, you’re ready to Rock and Roll.

My best advice is to post on you blog often. If this is going to be a quilting blog, don’t just post finished quilts. Post your fabric pull and what you’re planning, post your progress/process, post when the quilt top is finished, post about making the quilt back. Post when the whole thing is a done deal. Include photos in each post, too. Readers like photos.

If you post readers will come. I’ve met many great people via my blogs. Some have become real friends who I’ve gotten to know IRL (in real life).

I don’t monetize my blogs, not because I don’t like money but because it’s a hassle that I don’t want. Many people do, and some make a living at it, like The Pioneer Woman.

There are other popular blog hosting platforms. My daughter is a blog and website designer, and she’s switched to designing exclusively for blogs. Many of her clients are authors and concerned with commerce/money and works better for them. Her website is

Another popular platform is All the platforms are easy to use.


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