Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 Los Angeles Quilt Show

The Los Angeles Quilt Show is in its infancy, this is the third year it's been held.  It takes place in San Pedro at a wonderful space called CRAFTED!

Warning there are way too many photos, but hey, it's quilts!  First I'm showing off my two quilts, which if you read this blog, you've read a lot about them.

First is my Rocket Ship quilt.  It was part of the Northcott Chip Pack Challenge.  I'm really proud of this design.

Next, is my two-sided quilt, made for the Riley Black Challenge.  I really love how the hanging 
sleeve blends right in.

Now for some of the other fabulous quilts!

This is a simple but lively quilt.  Love the use of colors.  It was made by Gayle Bennett, using the Belle Wave pattern by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemon Quilts.

This one is called "Flights of Fun", by Amber Jordan.  She was inspired by the Disneyland art of Mary Blair.  Amber is a new quilter.  Bravo!

Art from Ashes is by Carol Churchill.   This is a political statement born from the loss of antiquities in the Middle East.  "Civilization cannot exist without art and art cannot exist without civilization."

Colorful Strips 'n Curves by Lauri Mutalipassi.  She took her inspiration from the book Strips 'n Curves by Louisa L. Smith.  

This quilt by Kristin M. Burke was inspired by Josef Albers' "Homage to the Square".   She used hand-dyed fabric.

La Pinata by Yolanda Barrozo was inspired by childhood memories.  This is the first time she's used foundation paper-piecing.

Gwami's Quilt by Mary Montgomery is an homage to her great-great-grandmother  Rhoda Ann Goodrich.  No two combinations of blue and white prints are repeated n the quilt.

I love two-sided quilts.  This one, Glyph made by Christine Castano, is fabulous.  She made it to celebrate her stepson's degree in Art Education.  She used over 100 fabrics to depict the school colors and his various interest.

Amish Goes Batik by Diane Wing, is a wedding gift for her nephew Patrick and his bride Laura.

Kersey Girls present Valery Johnson "Flowers Everywhere"

I-10 East San Bernardino by Andre' Morand, is another great two-sided quilt.

Fire Island Hosta by Marie Watterlond.  The pattern is by Julie Niemeyer and Marie did most of the piecing in a workshop with Julie!  The exquisite quilting is by Georganna Hawley.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the quilts at the Los Angeles Quilt Show.  The show isn't limited to quilts, other fiber arts are accepted.  Look at this great chair and footstool called Tropical Madness by Kelly Reid.  I wouldn't mind taking those home.

The Los Angeles Quilt Show has almost doubled in size in the last three years, but there's still a lot of room for more entries.
May your bobbins always be full,

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