Friday, July 22, 2016

July 2016 Meeting of the TVMQG

We were missing a few people at the meeting last night.  I blame it on the heat, it's excessive right now.   We usually start our meeting with Show and Tell.  Jane showed off her fabulous Diamond Quilt.  It entailed a lot of fussy cutting and 4 or 5 layout changes, but it was worth it.

Jane also showed this great 16-patch quilt,  It's so subtle and soothing.

Elvie made this Extra, Extra Long quilt for her tall brother-in-law who loves West Virginia football.  She saved fabric for a long time until she had just the right mix.  With the scraps from the quilt, Elvie also made a quilt for his dog!

We have two Sues!  One is a very new quilter, and she made the quilt, above.  She even did the fabulous machine quilting, on her small domestic machine!

The other Sue, the owner of Needle in a Fabric Stash - our meeting place, showed off the child's' playmat she made.  She used many of different techniques, including round corners and bias tape around the center piece.  She said this quilt will be on the store's blog on Monday.

I showed the "Disappearing Hanging Sleeve" I created for this small quilt.  

I made this Patchwork Heart Quilt in December 2014.  When I made it I had no recipient in mind but now I'm sending it to the Orlando MQG for their Quilts for Pulse quilt drive.  Below is the quilt back.

Linda brought in this fabulous paper-pieced quilt.  The green line around the quilt center is a flange!

This collage shows the blocks that were turned in this month for our charity quilt.  The finished quilt will go to GenerateHope in San Diego.

We finished the meeting with at talk by Sue Stone about modern fabrics and what she's learned as a fabric shop owner.



  1. We have modern quilters in our guild as well as traditional. I love them all. Love seeing your pictures.

    1. Thank you so much. Our guild is just 6 months old. Some of the members really struggle with originality, but everyone is welcome no matter how modern they are.

  2. Great post! Such a variety and all inspiring.(Newby) Sue's quilt/quilting is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this latest entry into the 'Mod' group world!