Saturday, July 9, 2016

Quilts and Color, part 1

The San Diego Museum of Art is having an exhibit called Quilts and Color, sponsored by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  I figure we all have something to learn.  I encourage you to go to the exhibit.

The first category is called Vibrations.  Somehow I missed the information on this first quilt, but it certainly does vibrate!

This Carpenters Wheel Quilt was made by Mrs. Miller, of Easton, PA, in 1890.  She made seven of this pattern, one for each of her children.  She varied the colors and the quilting patterns.

This Log Cabin Quilt is a variation called Windmill Blades.  By alternating black with color, the quiltmaker heightened the effect of spinning blades.  She made this quilt in 1890 and used wool, damask, and cotton.

This is a great exhibit and I'm going to post about it in installments.

I had intended to post about our June meeting, but fortune didn't smile on me.  I got home from the meeting a 10:30pm and I had a 5:30am pick up, the next morning, in order to get to the airport in time for my flight.  I didn't take the time to download the photos, and my camera was lost on the airplane and no one turned it in, so the photos were lost, too.


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